Benefits of Membership

As a principal member of Family Service Canada, you and your organization are contributing to the growth of the social service sector by sharing your expertise and experiences with your colleagues. Principal membership* in Family Service Canada brings many benefits:

  • Networking: Opens the door to establishing relationships with a diverse group of colleagues across Canada. This can mean ongoing opportunities for inspiration, idea-sharing, and problem-solving with those that share your interests. No more working in isolation—a support network behind you can boost your confidence when problems arise.
  • Nation-wide communication: Access to an online, interactive communication tool that allows members to share ideas, identify emerging issues, and participate in ongoing dialogue about pertinent issues with colleagues in other parts of Canada.
  • National perspective:  Collaboration with other agencies in other parts of the country, applying this learning to help you address your local/regional issues and learn of emerging trends in the sector.
  • Support system: Opportunities to connect with more seasoned leaders of community-based social service agencies who can offer their experience, guidance, and other useful insights.
  • Community of Learning: Each year, the membership is provided with a unique opportunity to come together for a Community of Learning. This event provides for in-person interactions, learning opportunities, dialogues, leadership training for up and coming staff, and information sharing. The Community of Learning includes guest speakers and opportunities to network with decision makers on current issues. Each year, the event is held in a different location in Canada.
  • Canadian compensation survey: Every two years, Family Service Canada participates in a compensation survey which reflects the social service sector climate in Canada. Results of this survey are made available to you.
  • Governance experience: Members of Family Service Canada have an opportunity to serve on the board of Family Service Canada—gaining a wealth of governance experience that leadership on a national board brings. Interested members stand for election at the Annual General Meeting, held each autumn.
  • Voting rights: Have your say and be heard as a member. Principal membership comes with full voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting, held each autumn. This privilege gives you a voice in the strategic directions of FSC to ensure it continues to meet your needs and remains relevant to the work you do.
  • Job posting distribution: Let your colleagues know about job opportunities in your agency, through our network-wide job posting distribution system.
  • Rights to use FSC logo: Use the FSC logo in your promotional materials in print and online.
  • Consideration to be FSEAP provider: Members of Family Service Canada can be considered as FSEAP providers in their area, providing they meet an established criteria. More details can be provided by contacting * Please note that the above-named benefits apply to those holding principal membership only.