Let’s Talk about Fund Development

Let’s Talk about Fund Development

Fund development is a cornerstone of the non-profit sector. Whatever work you do, communities you serve, or mission you pursue – funding is a key element to making that all happen. Moreover, as we discussed briefly in our previous article about why we’re focusing on collaboration at this year’s Community of Learning conference, many changes impacting family service agencies are making fund development more nuanced, and funding dollars harder to come by.

While we believe collaboration will be a crucial part of the ongoing growth and evolution of family service in Canada, it will be challenging for partnerships to happen if we’re not able to access the resources our agencies need.

To that end, we’ve invited Gail Urquhart to lead an interactive workshop on fund development at this year’s Community of Learning Conference.

There are many articles, blog posts, and resources out there with ideas about fund development strategies and best practices – and you can and should be reading up on those when you’re able. However, we can think of few better strategies for improving your fund development program, than having an expert in the room who is responding to the questions and specific needs of the organizations in the room.

Gail Urquhart has spent over 25 years working on the fundraising frontlines of charitable organizations across Canada, providing strategic leadership, mentoring fundraising professionals and teams, and creating and running successful fundraising programs that focus on genuine donor engagement.

During Gail’s workshop, she will lead conversations about real-life fundraising challenges, fears and successes – all tailored to suit the needs of conference attendees. The workshop will include interactive coaching on the top needs identified by the room, with learning that can be scaled to fit regardless of how robust your current fund development program is.

If you are struggling with your fund development program, the conference on October 9 and 10, in Sydney, will be a great opportunity. Not only can you learn from Gail during her workshop, but you can connect with the leaders of other family service agencies. Whatever questions you have, chances are another of the members or non-members in attendance will have had a similar experience and can share what they’ve learned.

Learn about fund development that fits! The 2019 Family Service Canada Community of Learning Conference is scheduled for October 9 and 10 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The conference is open to members and non-members. In addition to the fund development workshop, we’re taking a detailed look at collaboration, and exploring some of the innovative partnerships happening right now. Visit www.familyservicecanada.org/conference for details and to purchase your tickets.