2019 Highlights

2019 Highlights

Annual Community of Learning Conference, Family Service Canada

Build your network of family service leaders at the 2019 Annual Community of Learning Conference, held on Canada’s beautiful East Coast, in Sydney, Nova Scotia this October. Hosted by Family Service Canada for members and non-members alike, the conference allows you to:

  • Gain a national perspective on industry trends you can bring to your local, regional and provincial networks
  • Network with family services leaders serving urban and rural areas across Canada
  • Take in the red, orange, and yellow fall leaves that frame the Sydney harbour where one of the world’s largest (if not the largest) fiddles meets the boats
  • Enjoy the hospitality of Nova Scotia food, drink, music and culture
  • Do it all while learning about key industry developments facing agencies across Canada: collaboration, and tailored fund development that fits your agency

The conference includes presentations from across Canada. You will learn from:

A showcase of collaboration models, with topics including:

  • How brain science on trauma has boosted outcomes after being incorporated into family service agency treatment in Alberta (The Brain Story: How Brain Science is Changing Policy and Practice to Make a Difference for Families in Alberta, presented by Dr. Nicole Sherren, Scientific Director and Senior Program Officer, Palix Foundation and Carlene Donnelly, Executive Director, CUPS)
  • How the establishment of the Child and Youth Advocacy Centre in Saint John, New Brunswick allows a collaborative, multidisciplinary team to treat child and youth victims of sexual abuse (Establishing a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre in Saint John New Brunswick, presented by Heather Maughan, Executive Director, Family Plus/Life Solutions (Family Services Saint John) and Katina Feggos, Case Manager, Clinical Services, Family Plus/Life Solutions (Family Services Saint John)
  • How findings from data collection is used to develop a new counselling model: rapid response walk-in counselling for 55 walk-in clinics in 23 rural and urban communities in Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan in Family Service Saskatchewan Walk-In Counselling Collaboration, presented by Shellie Pociuk, Chief Executive Officer, Family Service Regina and Treasurer, Family Service Saskatchewan; Kirk Englot, Chief Operating Officer, Family Service Regina and Operational Lead for the Project; Trish St. Onge, Executive Director, CFS Saskatoon and President, Family Service Saskatchewan)

Fund development solutions for your situation:

  • A tailored presentation that helps you build a fundraising plan that fits your agency (Fund Development Built to Fit Your Organization, presented by Gail Urquhart, President, Gail Urquhart Consulting)

And more!

Want to extend your stay?

The 2019 Celtic Colours International Festival a celebration of Celtic music and culture – begins October 11 and runs for nine days.

Consider this 2019 conference on the coast: Family Service Canada hosts an annual Circle of Learning conference. The conference is open to both members and non-members and is a great way to build your personal and agency network on a national level.

Visit www.familyservicecanada.org/conference/ for details about the event, information about membership, and to purchase your tickets.